Gabriëlle van de Laak

1_Gabrielle van de laak

Gabriëlle van de Laak, Heerewaarden (NL).

2_Gabrielle van de laak

Aram Tanis


Aram Tanis, Amsterdam (NL).

In Tanis’ work Isolation, standardization and the mass-produced are important themes. He also thinks it is important to make people aware and confront them with subjects they often pass by or ignore.

Important motifs in Tanis’ work are the buildings and the urban landscape. They both are a symbol of what is happening in the world. In our society there is less time for one another and people are more distant. The repetition and rhythm of the recurring form in buildings and neighborhoods are a symbol for the anonymity of the contemporary urban environment and the isolation of the people who live in it. It can also be seen as a critique on the mass produced. For this theme Tanis has worked in Beijing, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Las Vegas, Macau, Shanghai, Tokyo and all over Korea over the last thirteen years.

Tanis’ work about people, animals or everyday objects refer also to this theme. He wants to show the less attractive side of (family) life. The media inundates us with sex and stereotypes. People need to meet a certain standard to be found ‘beautiful’. One must keep a certain lifestyle, which is ‘accepted’ and ‘normal’. The media determines what is beautiful and how people judge things. It provides a standardization in society, from identical shopping malls to the ‘idealization’ of the human body. Tanis wants to show the other side and go beyond the façade.


Almost blue, photography, 2012

Niels Broszat

1_niels broszat

Niels Broszat, Wilnis (NL),

What can I say about my studio’s view, other than it doesn’t influence me or my work? My studio is located in a small village. There is a modest parking lot in front of my studio with typical Dutch garage boxes that you’ll find at residential blocks with small terraced houses. I share the building with an (amateur?) artist that places her work everywhere she pleases and sprays the walls with graffiti. Her art leaves me cold, but I don’t tell her that.

If my studio would have a nice view, I would love it! My home has a great view. I enjoy that very much everyday single day.

What I can say about my studio is that I like it to be clean and neatly. Chaos occurs during work. That is totally acceptable, I even welcome it. But I would like to clean my mess up when a piece of art is finished. To me that’s closure and it clears the way for a new project. But to be frank; I often don’t clean that much. Only if I get visitors.

Another thing I can say about my studio is that I need a great deal of privacy. The most ideal situation would be, to be totally alone. So I can work in piece, listen to my music or meditate, other than being disturbed by my neighbor, her students and friends.

2_niels broszat

Icon #011. 2014 | 45,5 x 38 cm. Egg tempera and oil paint on panel

Toon Berghahn


Toon Berghahn, Amsterdam (NL).


Ruimtelijke Studie #3Gemengde techniek op panelen88x45x25cm2014

Jasper Hagenaar


Jasper Hagenaar, Utrecht (NL),


Plane totem (2014), wood, mdf, gesso, 61,2 x 41,8 x 3,5 cm

Ditty Ketting


Ditty Ketting, Pernis-Rotterdam (NL),

Studio view: morning June 23, 2014

…The road to Ditty Ketting’s studio passes a tangle of motorways and viaducts, with views that are hardly the most beautiful in Holland yet are still the most intriguing and dynamic ‘landscape’: the industrial area of Pernis. You drive past a complex of factories, chimneys sprung high, bright flames, cranes and colourful shipping containers. Lorries come and go, and in the evening it is a brightly lit ghost town. A greater contrast between this outside world and her pure white, luminous studio would be impossible. Once inside the visitor is blanketed in a profound peace and tranquility, the calm of a different world.

Ankie de Jongh-Vermeulen


No title, 398 (2014) 42 x 56 cm.

Sjoerd van Lankveld


Sjoerd van Lankveld, Eindhoven (NL),


Secret garden,oil on canvas, 190x180cm,2014

Maartje Overmars


Maartje Overmars, Haarlem (NL),


ZT-oliev op paneel-31x30cm-2012

Wouter Klein Velderman

1_Wouter Klein Velderman

Wouter Klein Velderman, Amsterdam (NL),

2_Wouter Klein Velderman

Esther Tielemans


Esther Tielemans, Amsterdam (NL),


Exakt neutral 2014 acrylic and epoxy on plywood/magnet 120x95x102cm