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Giel Louws



Giel Louws, Vlissingen (NL).

My studio is located in Vlissingen in an old school-building. This building has 13 artists’ studios under the name of art-initiative Kipvis. I have a fantastic studio on the second floor, which I consider an artwork in itself. It is overflowing with a clear light reflected off the nearby sea. Looking out of the window, what is a large part of my art-practice, you can see the dunes. The combination of the ruthless light, the tranquility of Zeeland, and the music I play, is the birth ground of my work. That work revolves around the subject of painting. Starting from a long period of figurative painting, I arrived at a point that I became interested in the subject of the layered object that is a painting. Lately I started deconstructing these layers, and re-attach them loosely so the painting is no longer a fixed object. My most recent thoughts revolve around a marriage of my figurative work, and the more abstract recent works.


Werk;  N.T. 22 x 33 cm. Acrylics on plastics and springs.