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Ditty Ketting


Ditty Ketting, Pernis-Rotterdam (NL),

Studio view: morning June 23, 2014

…The road to Ditty Ketting’s studio passes a tangle of motorways and viaducts, with views that are hardly the most beautiful in Holland yet are still the most intriguing and dynamic ‘landscape’: the industrial area of Pernis. You drive past a complex of factories, chimneys sprung high, bright flames, cranes and colourful shipping containers. Lorries come and go, and in the evening it is a brightly lit ghost town. A greater contrast between this outside world and her pure white, luminous studio would be impossible. Once inside the visitor is blanketed in a profound peace and tranquility, the calm of a different world.

Ankie de Jongh-Vermeulen


No title, 398 (2014) 42 x 56 cm.