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F. Suzanne Scholten


F. Suzanne Scholten, Maastricht (NL).

Since I live in Maastricht, I work at home and out in the countryside. It’s easier to go out of town here, than before when I worked in Rotterdam. Often I make bicycle tours, sometimes with a trailor on my bike. I paint a lot near Bemelen, Wolfshuis, Eckelrade and Jekerdal. I prefer to go when the weather is dry but not too sunny and beautiful, because then it’s very quiet and sometimes you almost see no one. It inspires me to sit for hours in a meadow or along a sandy path and paint or draw something. And be part of nature and landscape. I do this also in wintertime, even if I will find a studio in the near future.

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Paul Drissen


Paul Drissen, Maastricht (NL),