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Stefan Kasper


Stefan Kasper, Haarlem (NL).

My studio is one of six within the artist run space Horizonverticaal. An artist collective, studiocomplex and exhibition space. Situated in a former brewery called ‘Het Scheepje’ (1608) alongside the river Spaarne in Haarlem.  It’s a nice view, looking west to the old city centre. Across the river, on the left side you can see museum Teylers the oldest one of The Netherlands. In the middle two churches, the grey tower centreleft is the Grote Kerk or St. Bavochurch, the other white tower is the Bakenesserchruch.Finally on the right you can see the mill ‘Adriaan’. It’s great to have lunch or a barbecue (looking) at the river, enjoying birds, boats and of course tourists.

My work focusses on figurative drawing and collages.


Maartje Overmars


Maartje Overmars, Haarlem (NL),


ZT-oliev op paneel-31x30cm-2012

Vincent Uilenbroek

1 vincent uilenbroek

Vincent Uilenbroek, Haarlem (NL),

My view from the studio at night made with my phone. Along the river Spaarne in Haarlem (NL) is were my studio is located. My studio is situated in a 16 century beerbrewery nowadays an artist-run space called Horizonverticaal. At the left a big VOC-like ship. I felt like a time traveler for a second there. I rarely see a big ship like this docking here. The church is in an nice light reflecting in the water.

My work is based on things that happen in the studio around the canvas. The unaware compositions that take place are important motives that i use in my paintings. This is a work that has strong similarity with that what happens on the wall. A composition made by tape forms and structures.

2 vincent uilenbroek