Niels Broszat

1_niels broszat

Niels Broszat, Wilnis (NL),

What can I say about my studio’s view, other than it doesn’t influence me or my work? My studio is located in a small village. There is a modest parking lot in front of my studio with typical Dutch garage boxes that you’ll find at residential blocks with small terraced houses. I share the building with an (amateur?) artist that places her work everywhere she pleases and sprays the walls with graffiti. Her art leaves me cold, but I don’t tell her that.

If my studio would have a nice view, I would love it! My home has a great view. I enjoy that very much everyday single day.

What I can say about my studio is that I like it to be clean and neatly. Chaos occurs during work. That is totally acceptable, I even welcome it. But I would like to clean my mess up when a piece of art is finished. To me that’s closure and it clears the way for a new project. But to be frank; I often don’t clean that much. Only if I get visitors.

Another thing I can say about my studio is that I need a great deal of privacy. The most ideal situation would be, to be totally alone. So I can work in piece, listen to my music or meditate, other than being disturbed by my neighbor, her students and friends.

2_niels broszat

Icon #011. 2014 | 45,5 x 38 cm. Egg tempera and oil paint on panel

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