Paulien Oltheten

1 Paulien Oltheten  2 Paulien Oltheten

Paulien Oltheten, Amsterdam (NL),

My studio view changes when I look from left to right.
Left: A lot of classic 2 cv’s parked on both sides of the street. Once in a while someone, mostly a man, stops with his bike in the middle of the road to photograph them, dreaming about owning one I guess. Behind those cars, on the corner, a streetlight on which a lot of dogs mark their territory.
Straight: A factory in which they make something, but I don’t know what. People told me the smoke from the chimneys is only water vapour, but I’m not too sure about that because sometimes it smells a little. On the main square there are big marks in the shape of circles, caused by the wheels of the trucks that have to turn once they have loaded the back with the unknown product they make in the factory. A bit further away from the main square, I see everyday men in blue colored overalls biking on the concrete terrain to change to different buildings. In the grass field around the terrain are rabbits, escaped from their domestic houses. They multiplied rapidly during those years I’m working in this studio. They are with many now, chasing and playing with each other.
Right: The water IJ. Boats are passing by all the time. In the winter mostly heavy loaded ships, in the summer also a lot of sailing boats. The right side has the most peaceful view. When I’m stuck with my work, I prefer looking to that side or I go out for a walk in the little forest a bit further down the road.

3 Paulien Oltheten

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